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Dramatic score Rise

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Dramatic score Rise


i need some opinions. I joined my fico in September, my scores were 623 TU!, 633 Equifax, 649 Experian. I got All my collection accounts removed from all 3 beureau so some erroneous and some paid. My scores rose to near and over 700. Since I've got 3 cards and keep no debt. My income is at about 160k I have a strong auto payment with just under 10k left. A mortgage that has had no lates in the last 12 months and my scores are rising and rising. Today my Experian  is 783, my EQ 790, TU 712. I applied for a refi and since my report says in the remarks that I dispute the 3 black marks on my record , 2 CC lates and mortgage lates. I was panicking thinking I was a victim of XB code and eventually I will get a huge FICO beat Down, so I called all 3 Beureas and they all said I have no open disputes in my file. Am I safe? Am I going to wake up one day to my score down 100 points?? Any help would be much appreciated.



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