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Duplicate account in good standing?

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Duplicate account in good standing?

Here's a little puzzle. I have TWO CCs with Chase, and they closed both of them when I was severely late at the end of 2006 and I've been working hard to pay them down. The one account is accurate on every report.

The OTHER chase account is showing up twice i think on my EQ report. The duplicate though is still showing as open, with an updated status as of Jan 2005, with 2 late payments - one in May of 2004, and one in 2002. Is it possible that having this account listed as open is HELPING my utilization? Or should I just dispute as a duplicate and hope for a boost?

Thanks for any advice! i'm getting the hang of this credit thing!

Kind regards,

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Re: Duplicate account in good standing?

If the info being reported is not listing anything derogatory than it is likely helping your scores... History is also a significant contributing factor... Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie.
EDIT: ANything OTHER than the 2 lates...Smiley Wink

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Re: Duplicate account in good standing?

Are the lates showing on both accounts? While the extra avail credit is helping your util, the two lates wouldn't be worth it, IMO.
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