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EQ Inquiries fell of report?

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EQ Inquiries fell of report?

I just looked on my credit report from credit karma and noticed that all my inquiries from 2017 are no longer showing so I went to MY FICO and ran my EQ report to see if it was just credit karma but sure enough they all fell off there to. I know they do not effect scores if they are over one year but why would they fall off reports early? Has this happened to anyone else? They still show up on TU and EX



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Re: EQ Inquiries fell of report?

The reports from the myFICO products only show inquiries from the last 12 months.  So your purchase of an additional myFICO report unfortunately did not give any evidence (one way or the other).  BTW, reports at myFICO are expensive.  There are almost always zero or ultralow cost alternatives that you should consider first.


Do you have an old Karma report printed out (for both TU and EQ)?  E.g. one from say Nov 2018?  If so, can you tell us the specific dates of the inquiries that are (as of today) no longer on the EQ Karma report but are still on the TU Karma report?


An inquiry from Jan 2017 (or perhaps even Feb 2017) could easily have fallen off your EQ report but not TU.  The exact dates that inquiries fall off seems to vary a bit from CRA to CRA.  I have never tried to track that.  But I wouldn't be surprised if an inquiry fell off one CRA at month 23 and on another at month 25.

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Re: EQ Inquiries fell of report?

PS.  What tools do you use to monitor your reports?  (Besides Karma.)  As I mentioned there are are a lot of free tools out there that give you fairly frequent reports.  For example, gives you a free Experian report and a FICO 8 every month.

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Re: EQ Inquiries fell of report?

I had 12 Inq ranging from 03-17(start of rebuild) until Dec 2017 that all fell of on the same report. I check credit karma weekly and it listed all the ones that had fallen off.

March 2017 had 6 INQ fall off

May 2017 had 1

June 2017 had 1

August 2017 had 1

Nov 2017 had 1

Dec 2017 had 2

All 2017 INQ still show up on TU thru CK 

I used to subscribe to MYFICO Quarterly 3B report but I cancelled now that my scores had rebounded and almost all of my baddies have fallen off save for a few that won't until 2020. I just get my fico scores now from my credit cards i.e. Penfed, Wells Fargo, AMEX, Citi, HSBC

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Re: EQ Inquiries fell of report?

Have you ever pulled a credit report at  If not, you could try pulling your EQ report there.


I would not pull an ACR report until mid-February (assuming the inquiries are still not showing on EQ Karma).

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Re: EQ Inquiries fell of report?

I just did a cli request with Citi that I knew would be declined so I will use the AA letter to pull up my credit report for free thru EQ

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Re: EQ Inquiries fell of report?

I forgot this was an option so I could have not wasted money on the myfico report ugh

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