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EQ—WHAT is go’n ON??!!

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EQ—WHAT is go’n ON??!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!



I finally in "Very Good" credit rating.


...BUT --- WHAT is EQ's DEAL?!! It's costing $$$ just to get this score to report?! AND balances are still not reporting correctly. I paid off all cards but two! Frustration is NOT the word!

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Re: EQ—WHAT is go’n ON??!!

They've been having issue I guess with their system. I received an apology email for the inconvenience that included a free report and scores. I noticed it before the email came out as my scores were tanking even with positive credit actions. 


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Re: EQ—WHAT is go’n ON??!!

i have so many issues with equifax - 25 days out of a month i cant access my report this has been happening since september ....calling them gets me no where . I also have so many other issues about EQ  you can see my posts around here if your curious haha 

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Re: EQ—WHAT is go’n ON??!!

I hate them... like they are my mortal enemy and archnemesis. Complete incompetence over there.  Smiley Happy

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Re: EQ—WHAT is go’n ON??!!

I can't even log in to my account. Isn't that like a basic right? Called them twice, reset it twice, with a agent on the phone and they blamed my iPhone.

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Re: EQ—WHAT is go’n ON??!!

The one and only service Equifax offers consmers that consistently works correctly is the credit freeze/unfreeze phone app.
It seems to always work, even during the 80+% of the time that you can't actually log into their website...

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