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Early reporting to credit bureaus


Early reporting to credit bureaus

I recently paid off my Citi credit card and would love if the $0 balance could be reported to the credit bureaus early. I know this account typically reports on the 19th of the month but I'm hoping to get it done earlier because I'm in the market for a mortgage and will be applying soon. The $0 balance should hopefully help my mortgage scores.


Does anyone know if Citi would honor such a request or which other companies would be willing to report balances early? Also, would they be willing to report any balance early or would it need to be a $0 balance?



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Re: Early reporting to credit bureaus?

Yes some do. I know Discover usually does if asked. Chase will when when balance becomes zero. 

I would just call and ask if they could help you out.

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Re: Early reporting to credit bureaus?

Yes, you can request off cycle reporting. The process varies from bank to bank as well as how long it takes. For example, cap1 can take up to 2 weeks. Target will show up as you disputed your account balance as well as take up to 3 weeks, which was the case for me.

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