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Encouragement during your Credit building journey

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Encouragement during your Credit building journey

Great evening Fico Fam😀

Hopefully its okay to post some motivation !!??
As you embark upon your credit journey, the key is to be patient and just trust the process. We have all started from various points in our credit Journey, some great, some not so great, i am part of the not so great crew, but thats ok. Because I have Learned that " you don't have to be great to get started but you have to start to become great". Strive to achieve your credit goals by surrounding yourself with Like minded people, that seeks the best out of you. Thats why I am greatful to be apart of the Fico Fam😀 i have learned a lot from you all and I truly appreciate you all. We are all mountain climbers of credit, striving to get to the top of the Credit mountain, together we Shall have the Victory!! LET ME HEAR YOUR BATTLE CRY!!! Yeaaaahhhh we are Champions.
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Re: Encouragement during your Credit building journey

Thank you for sharing your encouragement! We can all use some from time to time Smiley Wink

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