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Equifax Not Reporting Card Balances

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Equifax Not Reporting Card Balances

Has anyone else noticed that Equifax is falling behind on reporting credit card balances?


Equifax is more than a week behind reporting balances on five of my cards via myFICO. The other credit bureaus reported on time, but not Equifax. Makes me wonder what's going on there.


So I called Equifax customer service, which seems to be a contradiction in terms. The guy I spoke with said their system was down and urged me to call back later. To make matters worse, my Equifax score is currently about 20 points lower than my scores from the other two bureaus. It sure looks like they're behind in both reporting balances and updating scores.


Anyone know what's up with Equifax?


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Re: Equifax Not Reporting Card Balances

Hmm I haven't personally noticed any big delays on EQ. It took them just a day longer to report my $0 balance on my Amazon Store Card than TU and EX. 

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Re: Equifax Not Reporting Card Balances

I was having this problem with TU. I believe I was told when calling that Bureaus have 60 days as a window for reporting. I actually had to file a dispute to get my hard work reported. This happens from time to time with reporting. It is like one half on one server and the other half on another server (one broke-one working). It just depends on where you fall. They will ultimately get it fixed. 

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