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Equifax "FICO SCORE" TV Ads....

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Equifax "FICO SCORE" TV Ads....

i noticed a lot of tv ads for equifax...they state that "Fico scores are the ones that most creditors use, get your FICO score at Equifax" ...they say this multiple times and are offering free "FICO score, until March 1"


has anyone else seen these ads or use this service?   How can they offer "FICO" scores?  I thought only here...

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Re: Equifax "FICO SCORE" TV Ads....

I haven't seen the ads, but someone posted recently that they saw an ad somewhere.

FICO and EQ have a relationship together. You can get your EQ FICO directly from EQ if you order it with the report. They also offer SW. However, if you get their 3-in-1 report, it is my understanding that all the scores are FAKOs.
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Re: Equifax "FICO SCORE" TV Ads....

Equifax is the only credit reporting agency that exclusively provides the FICO score to consumers.  Consumers can rest assured that any Equifax product they purchase, including Equifax 3-in-1 Monitoring + FREE FICO Score, will only contain the FICO score. 


Equifax and FICO do have a relationship; it is that relationship that enables Equifax to provide consumers with the FICO score in all of its products and for FICO to provide Equifax Score Watch through

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Re: Equifax "FICO SCORE" TV Ads....



        Now, I like the sounds of that.  I am truly impressed that the 3 in 1 is a FICO based score.  I have the SW and Credit Watch 3 and 1 Monitoring.  I am going to actually go and use my 3 in 1 and see what the scores are now that I know it is FICO derived.  One thing I know for sure is that of the 3 CRA's, I have had the best of luck with Equifax when I have a dispute or question.  With my creditwatch, when I call the 1-800#, I almost always talk to somebody that sounds like they are from the states and you can actually understand them and that is truly a treasure.

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Re: Equifax "FICO SCORE" TV Ads....

I just got off the phone with EQ CS, and the only FICO score is the EQ FICO score. It's a one-time deal on the score: you get it when you first sign up, presumably when you get your one-time 3-in-1 report.

I have this service minus the EQ FICO score, and the daily access to my full EQ report is great. But it's not a 3-in-1 service for FICO scores, from what I read on the site, and from what I got from the CSR.

eta: We're checking on this though, to make sure that we're all singing from the same hymn book.
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