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Equifax won't show my revolving accounts.....

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Equifax won't show my revolving accounts.....

I have a capital one card that I opened 10/2015. They are showing 0 revolving accounts. Capital one says they report my account EVERY month to ALL 3 bureaus. Why won't they correct their error? I also have a USAA AMEX that they aren't showing either. If me having no revolving account, has been a reason for denial on credit, who can i contact for reconsideration? They keep trying to blame the CC company. EQUIFAX is my lowest score..... by roughly 30 points.
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Re: Equifax won't show my revolving accounts.....

In my experience with equifax it is sometimes best to forward them copies of your statements and a copy of your driver license and SS card with a letter detailing the non reporting. They seem to respond to actual paper more efficiently then by phone or online. Old school snail mail....

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Re: Equifax won't show my revolving accounts.....

If your creditor has a credit reporting agreement with the CRAs, and their reporting is not being posted by a CRA, I would send a copy of your recent credit report to the creditor, advising them that their reporting is not being posted by the CRA.

The creditor has a vested interest in the CRA abiding by their credit reporting agreement, and may contact the CRA to get it corrrected.

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