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Ex wife messed up my credit. Now what?

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Ex wife messed up my credit. Now what?

I was divorced about 10 years ago.  In the divorce decree it states that my ex wife was responsible for making the payments on a house of ours, even though the loan is in both of our names.  She recently called up the lender and told them that the latest payment will be "a little late".  This was done without my knowledge.  The next thing I know, MY credit score dropped 113 points in a day and the lender said the loan was "delinquent".  A few days later, the house in question was sold and now the lender states that the loan has been "paid in full".  ALL the payments on all of my loans since my divorce 10 years ago have been made on time.
1) What can I do (NOW) to get my score back up?
2) If I sent a letter (to the credit reporting agencies), what (if anything) needs to be stated in order to get my score up?  If the lender agreed with me, would that help?
3) Any other advice?
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Re: Ex wife messed up my credit. Now what?

I would recommend for you to put a statement on each credit report.  I know I've seen that some of them offer this.  That way you can state that it was out of your control the payments were late.  Also, since you've been on time with all other obligations after some time your score should go back up.  Calling the credit bureaus wouldn't hurt either maybe just to see what they can do for you.
Hope that helps!
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