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Experian Early Exclusion A Pain!!!!

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Experian Early Exclusion A Pain!!!!

Has any6got success with getting inquiries removed via EE.. I have 4 falling off Jan 2017 and with just 2 months left noone at experian is willing to do a EE on these. I see lots of folks talk about having collections and judgements removed by them often, so why no the inquiries?

Thanks i advance!
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Re: Experian Early Exclusion A Pain!!!!

Try at the beginning of November. Right now it's probably too early for an EE since it's still October
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Re: Experian Early Exclusion A Pain!!!!

The FCRA only sets exclusion periods/dates for derogs reported to the CRA, not for credit inquiries.

Removal of inquiries do not have specific dates, and are solely at the discretion of a given CRA.


The normal period for deletion of inquires is approx. two years, based only on CRA admin policy. There is no exact date upon which to base or assert any requried deletion.


However, FICO ceases to include them in scoring after one year.

If you are approaching 2 years, then they have already been excluded from your FICO scoring, so deletion is not a scoring issue, it is only a manual review consideration.

I doubt that many prospecitive lendors will give much do to a prior inquriy that is over one year ago.....


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