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Experian not properly reporting SYNC/Walmart account

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Experian not properly reporting SYNC/Walmart account

I have been having an issue with Experian for a couple weeks where they are missing a lot of information from my Walmart account. It isn't happening with TU or EQ, so this doesn't seem like it is Synchrony's fault. This is what it shows:


Account Status
Payment Status
No status
Status Updated
Jan 2019
Balance Updated
Jan 22, 2019
Credit Limit
Monthly Payment
Past Due Amount
Highest Balance


What is weird is it updated a few weeks ago with my new credit limit and then a few days later (around the 16th I beleive), there was another update and this is when the issues started happening. I contacted Synchrony and they said they hadn't sent any updates to the bureaus since my credit limit increase.


Should I dispute the account or just call EX and see if someone knows what is causing this issue?

Currently rebuilding:
1/18 -
7/19 -

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