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Experian not reporting AU

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Experian not reporting AU

So I added myself to my sister’s QS and Platinum a few months back and it never showed up on my Experian. Last month I added my self to her BofA and it shows on my TU and EQ but not on EX?

Happened to anyone? What should I do? Call the banks or call EX?
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Re: Experian not reporting AU

Did the creditor include your date of birth in their reporting?


The recent settlement agreement between the CRAs and the offices of the AGs of 32 states included specific agreement by the CRAs that they will not include any AUs in any credit report they issue unless and until they have been provided the date of birth of the consumer.

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Re: Experian not reporting AU

I found out something interesting. So basically EX won’t show AU if it has missed payments on it. While TU and EQ will report payments starting after the last missed payment. I think I will call EX and get more information on this.

Thanks for your input Robert! I will also see if they have my date of birth on file.
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Re: Experian not reporting AU

Please report back after you talk to Experian. I have had some similar issues and would love to have more information.

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Re: Experian not reporting AU


I know this is an old post but did anyone find anything out about this situation?

I too have a similiar situation with Exp but it's with a Lowes/Synch card...

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