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Experian pulled 99.99% of time

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Experian pulled 99.99% of time



How is this possible,  I leave in NE Ohio and over the past 2-3 years pretty much every single time I applied Creditor pulled Experian

Bank Of America cc (Experian)-Denied

Discover (Experian)-Denied

Credit One (Experian)-Approved $400 limit

Chase (Experian)-Denied

CitiBank (Experian)-Denied ( Than I called Citibank and asked for EQ to be pulled and they did-Approved $4500 limit

Amazon cc (Experian)-Denied

Best Buy (Experian)-Denied

American Express (Experian)-Denied

Auto Loan (Equifax, Trans Union)-Approved

And just so happens Experian Fico score 596 is very low because I have two medical bills in collections that are like 5 years old and anything I ever had positive it was not reported to EX, I been AU on Discover card for 11 years so that helps my credit age but it's not reported to EX only TU and EQ. I pad-off two auto loans and have 2 open now but they report only to TU and EQ so Equifax Fico Score is 704 and Trans Union 690, my TU and EQ are not frozen it's just my luck that they pull Experian, at this point I'm thinking what the heck is the point of having credit with Trans Union and Equifax, is this really normal or just the state I leave in?


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Re: Experian pulled 99.99% of time

Geographical location and lenders play a major role.. Some lenders such as say Commerce pull TU on the west coast and south they pull Equifax ...  Some lenders opt for TU such as synchrony and Barclay's and other favor EQ such as CU's mainly and others being Amex and Citi and Chase usually go after Experian  (well amex will all the time) and alot of the time will double pull you being Experian  and EQ or TU.  Geolocation and deals with the CRA and lender plays a big role in whom they pull depending upon lender

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Re: Experian pulled 99.99% of time

For EX to be pulled 99.99% of the time would truly be a surprise.  On the other hand you'd need to have applied for credit at least 5001 times in the last 24 months (and for 5000 to have been EX) for that to be the case.


It looks like it is closer to 8 out of 9 times based on what you gave us, which is 89% and a lot less hard to imagine.  Geolocation and who you chose to apply to likely explain it.

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Re: Experian pulled 99.99% of time



  I live in NE Ohio also.  I have accounts with quite a few of the creditors listed.  I can only tell you about recent apps because I can't remember who pulled what.  US Bank and Barclays pulled TU for me so if you are interested in any of their products then you probably don't have to worry about an EX inq.  Hope this helps!

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