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FHA mortgage blocked by dispute entered months ago?

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FHA mortgage blocked by dispute entered months ago?

I am in the process of trying to buy a house.  The only thing listed under collections is a fraudulent charge that was removed from Transunion and Equifax upon first dispute attempt, but Experian refused to remove it and listed it as "updated" with absolutely no change to the account.  Now, this was months and months ago, I assumed it was disputed and done with, I figured i'd cut my losses and sit it out for the 7 year period and wash my hands from it because my median credit score used for mortgages was 666 (now 697 after some work on fixing my credit, yay me!).  The first lendor I spoke to pre-qualified me for 175 and mentioned the account in question, I explained why it was disputed, and he said "ok, that's fine" and nothing else.  Today, I spoke to another lendor who I was referred to by my realtor to get a second opinion on the best mortgage circumstances for me, and he pointed out that due to the account currently being "in dispute", I would be denied an FHA loan mortgage due to their guidelines.


Now I'm at a loss.  Apparently I have 2 experion accounts, one that logs into a massive black whole of nothingness which I was unaware of and the other I signed up for today (both under the same social security number, name and email address.... try to figure THAT one out...), and the other is a 30 day free trial which gives me a credit report which has no specific details of the collections account other than date, original creditor, currently collection agency and amount.  No mention of dispute, no way to even attempt to re-dispute it if I wanted to.


I am currently completely confused.  Is it normal for a disputed item from probably close to 8 or 9 months ago to still be listed as disputed even though they responded with "updated"? I am now backed against a wall because my lease is up at the end of November, wasted a month with a lendor that was apparently a useless piece of doo-doo and found a house I fell in love with, which probably won't be on the market much longer and now I don't know if i need to mail a certified letter of debt validation to Experian, to the collections agency or Jim-bob down the street and have to worry about how long it will last and hold me up even more.


Any information on this topic would be appreciated because I can't afford when my rent goes up for the lease renewal, can't afford to pack up and move all over again for a short term lease and can't stand living in an apartment complex anymore.  I am at my absolute wit's end now. :'(




After fighting a stress headache for the past 6 hours, I couldn't just sit still and wait, so I found a copy of a bill for this company for the address in question in my fiance's name, the amount due is the same, the date of the final bill is a month before it started reporting on collections, etc, but the "account number" listed on experian's collections section is different.  Is submitting the letters to experian enough evidence to prove the account is not in my name (hell, If i can get this fully removed from my account, even better), or would I still need to go through the process of receiving a validation of debt? 

I attempted to dispute it again with this information, but it blocked the dispute itself (it did allow me to submit the documents as evidence but without it filing a new dispute, I don't know if it is treated as another dispute or just filed away in the realm of "screw that guy, we already pretended to do our jobs once" never to be seen by anyone ever again?

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