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FICO SCORES Compared to what Lenders see

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Re: FICO SCORES Compared to what Lenders see

Well i said i would update when I got a response from CITI for a AA World Mastercard with scores above 700. Well I was denied. Reasons being:
Dear Mr Johnson:
We recently received your application. We are unable to establish an account for you at this time. The reason for this decision is that we could not verify the accuracy of the information provided on the application or documentation submitted.
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So I called to find out what couldn't be verified only to be given a complete run around saying they don't have access to the info that can provide me with an answer. So I'm thinking oh that's crap. So I called back to talk with a different Rep. She tells me they do have access to that info and provided me with the following:
"The phone number on the application did not match the phone number on your application, as a matter of fact sir, there was no phone number on your credit report so in accordance with our policy, we denied the application"
So at this point I'm steamed. Now the only reason they went through the extensive process for verification is because I had a credit fraud alert placed on my account while I've been deployed to Iraq because the local nationals that work here are very sneaky. They were known to have been taking credit card and debit card information when we make purchases in stores. So I had that alert placed on my account. I didn't know it would come back to haunt me. So bottom line they need a number on the report to match with whats on the application, which I'll have to take another hit on my Equifax with I refuse to do, those idiots act as if they couldn't have the 1st inquiry removed considering my situation here in Iraq there's no number I can provide fot them to contact me directly. So if all i need to do is post a number that matches the app I'd be fine. But they wont' remove the 1st inquiry so I'm done with applying for this year, I have too many inquiries on my Equifax report for this year. 4 from this year and 3 from last year. But i'll survive with my VISA and AMEX for now. One day i'll have a Mastercard without the Bull Crap. Word to the wise, expect to go through hell and beyound if you ever have a fraud alert placed on your account, obtaining credit will become a real pain.
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