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FNBO Credit Card Phone Apps

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FNBO Credit Card Phone Apps

Hi Everyone,

I've got a question about the FNBO Phone Apps, I'm debating on applying for the Evergreen card, and I already have the Ducks Unlimited card. It would be cool if they used the same phone app.


Ducks uses "Card by FNBO" app

Evergreen would probably use the regular "FNBO" app I assume.


Is it possible for these two cards to be on the same phone app? I noticed an "add credit card" feature on Card by FNBO, so would I be able to add the Evergreen card that way to consolidate apps?


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Re: FNBO Credit Card Phone Apps

App is FNBO. Evergreen doesn't have its own app, therefore should be the same app!

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Re: FNBO Credit Card Phone Apps

I was able to enroll the Ducks card in the FNBO app. I now have that card enrolled in both apps. Now, if I get the Evergreen card, both cards can be used on the FNBO app. Thanks for your response.

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