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Fee to fix credit report

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Re: Fee to fix credit report


What is your definition of "legit"? When I was cleaning my credit report there were items that was listed as "legit" by the collection agency, that were not.  I disputed with them and they refused to remove, I disputed with TU and they refused to remove it.  I finally contacted the AG in the state where TU and Collection agency were located and disputed this "legit" item and it was removed.  Things may appear to be legit that are not really legit, for example I had a judgement on from finance company on my vehicle.  They were well aware that I was on active duty and in the Military and on deployment. SInce my credit at the time was terrible I was paying interest rate on vehicle at 21% which I was struggling to pay.  I contacted the finance company and explained the situation to them and asked them to please take the vehicle.  Since I was in the Military, they knew I was receiving a steady paycheck and ignored my plea.  I wrote them and explained the situation and was once again ignored by company.  I gave them the location and all the information regarding pick-up of the vehicle, which they once again ignored my request.



They sent me a notice to appear in court, that I received weeks later(on deployment in Afghanistan) I did not appear since I was not notified until after the fact.  I would not have been able to leave a war zone to appear in court.   SInce they notified my command, I was forced to keep the vehicle,  I eventually paid the vehicle off. Years later During the process of cleaning my credit I noticed the judgement from the finance company on my report as "legit" as a valid debt.   It was not legit since I was in Afghanistan and I would not have been able to return.  Although it may appear to be legit, does not mean it really is legit. Thanks to God when I notified the courts and explained the situation, it was removed from my credit report. 

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