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Fico Score of 850

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Re: Fico Score of 850

RED_Knives wrote:

Does anyone on this fourm have a score of 850? who here has the highest score and what is there secret to getting such a high score.


Ive managed to go from the worst score known to man to 806  just using credit cards. I get a note all the time telling me that Im lacking an installment loan and thats holding my score down. My bank said sure...they'll give me such a loan.....of a minimum of $10,000, that is.

Certainly not interested in a loan that size to squeeze out a few more FICO points, thats for sure.


Getting a high score means being responsible, paying your bills early or at worst by the due date. Paying your Credit cards quickly. Never over extending your finanances. And making sure to never ever do anything to send a red flag to lenders that you are having financial problems.

Apparently when you have absolutely no use or need whatsoever for a credit card THAT is when they figure you are the most likely to repay.

At least this has been my experience.

TU FICO average 819
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Re: Fico Score of 850

Ive only known one person to flirt with an 850 - and that person had very minimal activity. 



Current FICO EQ: 775, EX: 764 | Current FAKO CK: 788

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Re: Fico Score of 850

I've seen my mom's score and she has an 850. Thats over 30 years of credit history, with the variety of installments/mortages and CCs. Didn't ask her how long she had it for so dunno how long it takes to get there.

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Re: Fico Score of 850

Just pulled all three of my FICO scores here...


TU - 757

EQ - 848

EX - 850


The 850 unicorn...I nearly bricked my pants, lol.  


My Equifax and Experian reports show a 19 year history and TransUnion only shows 11 years. The information on all of my reports appears to be correct but TU is just missing all of my older history.


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Re: Fico Score of 850

yeah, I have an 850.  I'm not rich (Obama wife and I both work), but do pay off credit cards before they are, when it closes, I pay the amount I have charged up to that cut off date so my statements are close to 0.  I have a mortgage of 15 years, way ahead there too.  I don't overspend, very conservative.  Easier in Texas than Northeast or West coast.  Live in a 3100 sq foot nice home with a pool, but it really is just being conservative.  I still need to save more for my daughters some, but not enough.

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Re: Fico Score of 850

I have an 850 also at least on 2 of the 3 agencies.  Transunion has an error on it.


EQ - 850

EX – 850

TU - 790


My Equifax and Experian reports show a 20 year history.  About 10 years ago when my husband was out of work or under employed for a couple of years, we had over $60K in credit card debit.  Credit cards have all been paid off now.  We still use 1 or 2 but we pay them off monthly.  We have a mortgage (20 years) and car loan though.  We are not rich by any means.  We are empty nesters who both work and make a good income and pay everything on time or ahead of schedule.  We live well below our means in a 1,700 square foot house. Both kids graduated from college recently so we are saving more for retirement.

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Re: Fico Score of 850

My moms high has been 848, but is consistent around 830 w/TU and EQ.  Haven't looked at EX.

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Re: Fico Score of 850

I hit 850 about a week ago, 41 years old, 15 years of credit history, no CC debt (paid everything off) , still got a car loan.

Not sure how to insert the information at the end of this post,, I thought this forum allowed to publish the score automatically, so people see you are not bluffing

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Re: Fico Score of 850

My Discover TU score 850 for 6 statement periods, fell to where it is now when I bought a 2nd home last September. 

Fico 8 12/9/17
Equifax 850, TransUnion 842 10/30/17 , Experian 842 12/11/17 . AAOA 12 years Oldest 20
No inquires since 2014
All credit reports frozen
Fico 8 Equifax Bankcard 866 12/27/16
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Re: Fico Score of 850

Well...This is an old thread that has been resurrected!


According to FICO this is what the average person (If there is such a thing!) with a 850 FICO score has on their reports:


1. 5 to 8 credit cards with an AAoA of 10 years with the youngest card being at least 2 years old.


2.  An old closed auto loan with perfect payment history.


3. An open auto loan with perfect payment history of at least 2 years.


4. A 30 year mortgage that has been paid on for 10 years.


5. A home equity line of credit with a $0 balance.

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