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Forclosure of Lead Contaminated property.

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Forclosure of Lead Contaminated property.



I did not look for those type referrels. Honestly, after an expensive consultation with a local Attorney, I sensed that this wasn't lucrative for a lawyer.  I was kinda feeling against a wall and I had a demanding new job.  And actually the whole first year after this arose, the Realty's in-house attorney strung me along saying he would deal with it.  After the private consultation I found out time was running out.  I purchased in 03/06.  Do you think something is their?  All I ever wanted was Recission.



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Re: Forclosure of Lead Contaminated property.

While the credit advice is stellar, you likely won't find too much legal advice offered up on these forums. You may want to ask that elsewhere. I'd suggest you find a second legal opinion. Not all attorneys charge on the initial consultation.
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