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Fraud Alert on EQ

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Re: Fraud Alert on EQ

EQ is a bit weird and it may describe its discrepancy, hitting ~1/3 of people while they require fraud alert and credit monitoring services.

I placed a fraud alert easily on EX via an automated phone call, took a few minutes. The alert was placed on TU, after a day, but no sign of fraud alert on EQ after a week. Finally, I called EQ and it took ~30min to place the alert. It was strange that for a simple fraud alert request, they need to collect several personal information, including pictures of DL (front/back) and a selfie!!!. The CSR also had several difficulties understanding my accent (possibly he was located in India).

It might not be strange that such a company hits by various issues, due to collecting vast amount of unnecessary personal information while cannot protect them, not getting synced with EX/TU on the issues, and placing customer services overseas.

Fico8: EX~EQ~TU~810 (12 month goal~840).
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