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Fraud alert after dispute was initiated

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Fraud alert after dispute was initiated

I am disputing an old 30 day late from Old Navy. I'm wondering if I went about it wrong. About 4 years ago, I opened a card at Old Navy and honestly didn't know that the clerk charged the new card with the purchases I made that day. It was long ago and I don't know how that happened, but I would have paid it if I had known it was there. As soon as I found out, I paid off the full balance. So I thought I would try disputing this with the CRAs just to see if I could get it taken off. I got a letter from EQ today saying that they placed a 90 day fraud alert on my CRs because of this. Is that bad? I'm not really in danger of fraud. I don't know if I should let it go or fix it.

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Re: Fraud alert after dispute was initiated

You apparently either aseerted, or the CRA interpreted that you asserted, that there was some fraud or identity theft associated with your dispute.


Fraud alerts are only authorized to be placed by or on behalf of the consumer.  The CRAs exercise caution by assuming asserions of fraud or identity theft have an associated request for a fraud alert.


Just as they are only placed by or on behalf of the consumer, they can always be removed simplly upon your written request.

Just send a request to the CRA, accompanied by proof of your identity, and the alert must be removed.

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