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Free Daily Experian Reports for 2 Years

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Free Daily Experian Reports for 2 Years

Hello All!


Just wanted to inform everyone about a way to get 2 years of daily Experian monitoring for free. Sonic (as in the fast food drive in) is offering free Experian IdenityWorks for 2 Years because of a data breach there. It seems to be open to everyone as there is no specific location requirements. Go to and click on the Data Breach banner. Follow the link and it should work.  


NOTE that this is just daily credit reports, NOT a FICO Score. I know Experian itself offers a free Fico 8 and a report, but it usually updates once a month. 


Just thought I’d let the MyFico community aware of this; I know there is a small demand for daily credit monitoring, especially with Experian. 



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Re: Free Daily Experian Reports for 2 Years

Nice find, thanks! I tried it, petty basic but does give you a complete report with account balances, status, etc. Yeah no score but you can get a free monthly Fico08 EX score at Discover's and from a couple CCs. The most glaring omission is the ability to lock or unlock your report. Experian remains the only cheapskate that doesn't give you the ability to lock/unlock your CR without a fee.

I've been paying $9.99/mo. for Experian's IdentityWorks Plus which, in addition to locking/unlocking your report, gives you unlimited EX Fico8 scores. Looks like I'll keep paying the chiselers for it.

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Re: Free Daily Experian Reports for 2 Years

From the enrollment page:


By clicking on ‘continue’ I attest to the fact that I used my credit or debit card at a Sonic Drive-In in the past year, and as a result I’m eligible to receive this offer for two years of free credit monitoring and identity restoration services.

PLEASE NOTE: March 31, 2018 is the last day to enroll.


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Re: Free Daily Experian Reports for 2 Years

Those milk shakes and hotdogs are paying dividends...

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Re: Free Daily Experian Reports for 2 Years

Just tried this and it worked! I hope they don't have any way of tracking whether I swiped at Sonic Smiley LOL 

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