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Free Online Credit Report - Denied Viewing


Free Online Credit Report - Denied Viewing

Hello everyone Smiley Happy


I have a question...I was just compiling the necessary information to give my lawyer to file my BK this past week, and one of the items needed was my credit report. I normally go to each year to pull it up and hadn't this year since I already knew what was on it (major ouch!), but was glad I hadn't since I needed it.


Anyway, I put in all of my necessary info to pull up the reports from the three credit bureaus, but all of them said I needed to either call or mail a form in and my reports were unavailable online. I have never had this happen before, and all of my information was no different from what I entered last year so there should be no denial of information.


Has anyone had this happen before?

Is it possible someone "stole" my free credit report sometime earlier this year to view it before I did?


Sorry, this is just so confusing.


Thankfully my lawyer was fine with using the report I still had saved to my computer from last year. I was eager for that sense of relief I've been reading about, but now I'm worried about what else could be wrong. Smiley Sad


Thanks for your help everyone.

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Re: Free Online Credit Report - Denied Viewing

All three of them? Never had that happen.


I have had problems getting one, most recently with Experian, and it's usually turned out to be for some reason like I used my street address and they have my PO box as my main addy or something like that. Never all three. The good news, if there is any, is that it doesn't sound as if anybody "stole" your free reports because in that case they wouldn't tell you to call or write. They'd tell you you'd already gotten your report. I'd go ahead and call. It's probably going to be some minor conflict or question they need to resolve to prove that you are you.




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Re: Free Online Credit Report - Denied Viewing

OP, did you place a FA on there, or did you dispute anything since pulling your last reports as "not mine"?

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Re: Free Online Credit Report - Denied Viewing

Thanks for the replies!


llecs, I've placed a FA on it before, but that was more than a year ago and prior to requesting my last credit report that I was able to receive with no problem. I've never disputed anything directly with the credit bureaus either, just between an individual CC account and a debt consolidation service.

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Re: Free Online Credit Report - Denied Viewing

I'd try to pull from different sources to see if you are successful or not. Maybe a question was incorrectly answered. That would prevent additional pulls. If still no luck, I'd call them.

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