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From creditors perspective, SP v HP

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Re: From creditors perspective, SP v HP

Well said BBS! My Income isn’t all that, but I’ve had a perfect relationship. they were one of my first cards along time ago, but my latest couple cards from them are only from 16 and 18. Monthly spend and payment has recently been decent
-Our Community’s updated scoring wisdom: Link to Scoring Primer.
-For Negative Reason Codes see: CassieCard’s Score Factors thread.
-ccquest’s workbook to calculate metrics for you: Link to Workbook.

Correct Ag.Util. under 5% all times. (Oldest/avg varies. Estimates above.)
Real world mortgage maxes are: EQ5-818, TU4-839, EX2-844.


(Everything said is JMHO and is not endorsed by FICO or MF. I have no affiliation with either, just a grateful member.)
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