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GEICO Premium and credit score / renewals

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GEICO Premium and credit score / renewals

Hi everyone.. I've had GEICO for my car insurance for many years.. My FICO scores had dropped quite a bit due to being over utilized, and in February 2016, with an average FICO of around 685, GEICO had jacked my 6-month premium on one car to $1300.. I shopped around and moved the policy over to Allstate in March 2016 with the same exact coverage, and they wrote the policy for $740 for 6 months.


Over the past year, I've been making great strides in getting my scores up, and now average around 760 for my FICOs.  On a whim, I decided to get another quote from GEICO in March of this year to see what kind of impact the score change may have had from a year ago. (I really enjoyed having GEICO for car insurance -- their website is great, its very easy to get quotes on potential purchases, make changes, etc -- as opposed to Allstate, where most stuff has to be done through your agent).  To my surprise, GEICO did a soft pull on my TU, and a year later, they have written me up for $560 every 6 months. Amazes me that they dropped the premium almost $1500 per year from one year ago.   Keep in mind this is all for the same vehicle, same levels of coverage, same driving record, same address.. The only variable has been my credit scores.  So in case anyone was wondering what type of impact your score has on car insurance -- there you go.


My score continues to rise, and I anticipate hitting 800 sometime in the next 4-5 months.  I was wondering if anyone knew if GEICO does a soft pull every renewal?  In my case, I would welcome it knowing it may have a positive impact on my premium.. I know with Allstate, you could only request they pull your credit every 3 years to see if you were eligible for a better quote.




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Re: GEICO Premium and credit score / renewals

Thanks for the info!  I was thinking about calling around for some rate quotes, but now I'm going to wait until next Spring.

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Re: GEICO Premium and credit score / renewals

As your scores get higher Geico gets blown out of the water. Try these Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Travelers and Amica.  We redid our auto in late Feb  with 2 suv's

$1Million dollar full coverage $500 deduct on each  six month premium total for 2 suvs  $700  It also helped we put the   "tracker" thing on for 30 days and got more off amount tba. You can get and save quotes on line its very easy  

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Re: GEICO Premium and credit score / renewals

Just for reference -- quote also ran with Progressive at same time for same coverage -- they came back with $1461 for six months.
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Re: GEICO Premium and credit score / renewals

Try them all when its renewal time. We had two very close ones and some over $3,000. (They did not like our coverage limits which are very high)  I even had one  change quotes by $300 up over the course of  2 weeks when I was ready to sign.  

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