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GMAC Paid Off Through Ch. 13-- Now Reporting Incorrectly on Experian

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GMAC Paid Off Through Ch. 13-- Now Reporting Incorrectly on Experian

Can anyone help here, as I haven't received a response to my original post of 4-19???
I'm pretty new to this credit repair and am reading everything I can on here and on Credit Boards to educate myself.  I have 14 months left on a Ch. 13 bankruptcy and am just now taking a look at all three of my CRA reports and starting to clean them up.  Here's my question:  my car was financed through GMAC about 6 months prior to me filing Ch. 13 in 11/03.  It was included in the BK and completely paid off (through the Plan) this March (07).  So I will now have a clean title to my car (yay Smiley Happy  I received a letter from GMAC thanking me for financing the car with them, and now they're reporting to CRAs, and I'm particularly concerned with how Experian is reporting, and I disputed it with Exp on-line.  When I got my response back from them the account was basically "re-aged" saying the amount recently paid off ($4,883) was written off (not paid off), past due as of April 2007.  It does not say $0 balance.  Also says charged off as of March 2007 (which can't be true if it's IIB, from what I understand).  And to make matters worse it's listing as "Filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy on April 13, 2007.  This account is scheduled to continue on record until March 2014."  On Transunion, however, it reports as coming off of that report 6/2010 (which is about right, 7 years from the filing date in 2003).
Help me out here as to the best way to "redispute" this with Experian and maybe I also need to go to GMAC.  This can't possibly be a good thing (or maybe even be legal??).  I'm not sure yet what it would have done to my score.  I'm still learning about FCRA and FDCPA and don't want to make matters worse.    Thanks for any assistance!!

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Re: GMAC Paid Off Through Ch. 13-- Now Reporting Incorrectly on Experian

I don't know the answers to your questions.  Hopefully someone else can answer those for you.  I thought bankruptcies stay on your CR for 10 years instead of 7. 
Nevermind.  Just read that 13 comes off in 7 years.  At any rate, your question has sat there for a few days maybe by getting it bumped to the top, you may get an answer your other questions.

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