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GW Chase & Cap One Questiom

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GW Chase & Cap One Questiom

So I got some good news today.  Chase agreed to remove one thirty day late on my auto loan.   I have a number of thirty, sixty and one 90 day late but its a start right?  The person I talked to said I can request a late be removed every 12 months.  She also said if I put a little more towards the payments I have a good chance of having more lates removed sooner.
Cap Question
I have a charge off credit card with cap one in the amount of $1200.  The new collection agency that hasthe account is Bleier & Cox.  I contacted cap one but they said its out of thier hands and I have to deal  with the collection agency.  On all three credit reports no collection agencies are listed, they report that Cap One still has the account.  My question is since Cap One is the only one listed on my credit report can Bleieer & Cox do anything to remove the item if I do a PFD? Should I keep trying with Cap One? Any suggestions?   
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Re: GW Chase & Cap One Questiom

I am new but I would dispute with CRA the Cap ! report. If Cap doesn't have the info anymore they will delete it.
I wouldn;t talk to the CA. Let them send you stuff in writting first. Then you can DV them.DO NOT tell them that it isn't showing on your CR.
To begin with what is the DOfD??

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