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GW Example Letters

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Re: GW Example Letters

Is it possible to get something off my report when I have already closed that account?
I've heard I can request my account to be re-opened if they agree to remove the bad stuff but then won't it hurt my report to open my account again?  I already have 4 credit cards open.  If it matters, it didn't affect my score at all when I closed it - as I thought it would.
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Re: GW Example Letters

I mistakenly took a $300 Macy's balance that was not revolving as revolving, so it hit my credit report.    The minute I figured this out I paid the bill in full, however my score dropped 150 points. 


Is this a situation that can be explained in a Good Will Letter? 

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Re: GW Example Letters

Sending them out once again hope it works this time.
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Re: GW Example Letters

Using a slightly modified version of the first letter here, I was able to get a 30 day late payment from a student loan taken off of my TU Report.  FICO went from 732 to 775.  Thanks!
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Re: GW Example Letters

Tuscani thanks for all the excellent information.  I wish I had saw the PFD letter before I paid on a collections account.  Now that I have I was told by the CA that they would mail me a receipt of payment and that I should then send a dispute or GW letter to each CRA and that it would take 45 days for them to remove.  Did they just get over on me and can I can I expect the collections to be removed?
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Re: GW Example Letters

How efective is a phone call versus a written letter?
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Re: GW Example Letters

brendilon wrote:
How efective is a phone call versus a written letter?
Phone calls can work. The challenge sometimes is that a phone call gets limited to the front-line CSRs and sometimes you can't get any further than a manager maybe. A letter can direct any appear straight to the leadership of the company, if needed.
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Re: GW Example Letters



I know this is a long time that you have posted this, I have 2 "30 days missed" payements, one from Chase and the other one from Discover. I thought that I had setup the automatic payement from my checking account, which was too late when I discovered that I have not.


my question is what is the address that I should mail the GW letter to?? is it the one shown in my credit report??


Thanks in advance for you help Smiley Happy

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Re: GW Example Letters

800 Brooksedge Blvd
Westerville, OH  43081
Cardmember Services
PO Box 15298
Wilmington  DE  19850
Cardmember Services
PO Box 94014
Palatine, IL  60094-4014


are the ones I have.  

Emailed Chase directly, turned down. Sent a GW letter. Here's to hoping!

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Re: GW Example Letters

Hello can someone pls tell me where I can see a copy of the GW letter pls thanks

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