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GW Letter To Toyota Motor Credit ????

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GW Letter To Toyota Motor Credit ????

Hey, Fellow Fico Psychos what do you think. Do you think I have a chance in hell.








July 19, 2007



Toyota Financial Service

1111W 22nd Street

Suite 420

Oak Brook, IL 60523


Regarding Account 

Customer SS#


July 19, 2007




To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to see whether Toyota Financial Service would consider making a goodwill adjustment to the credit reporting bureaus on my Paid/closed/ account. I am humbly asking whether Toyota Financial Service would remove the adverse late payments reporting from these accounts in reporting to the credit bureaus. I understand this is a rather unusual request particularly as my accounts fell behind upwards of 60 days but Toyota was always willing to help me. Never did I feel threatened during my time of youthful financial mismanagement. 


Toyota was extremely helpful in working with me. At the time the account was late due to having a joint account with my girlfriend at the time. I always tried to make the payments when I found out they were not paid. I ended up breaking up with her. I had to track down the car and I was always told by her the payments were not due or late. She would use my checks and make it look like it was paid in the check book. Then I would get a disturbing call that they were not made. I would then make the payment. It was hard to come up with the extra money but I knew Toyota was due their money. I finally got the car from her. I immediately sold the car and took a loss on it. That did not matter to me. I just wanted to make sure the car loan was paid off on it. As I sit back and look at the damage it has caused my credit. I now know I should have kept the car and made some payments on it. It would have looked better on my credit. I wish I would have known that then. It would have been very difficult to pay for it but I could have tried instead of paying for school. People look at my credit and see my past two Ford loans that were never late. Then they say what happened. I just look down at the ground. I say it was one of the most expensive life lessons that I am still paying for today. I understand that what I am asking for is very hard and rare to do. I have seen and heard of it being done. I could only pray and wish it could be done for me. Please try to think about what I am asking for. I would do it for someone if I could. I am now happily married with a great wife. I have a 4 year old son and one on the way. My wife and I pay our bills on time. I am trying to go for a mortgage. This is really hurting my finance options. I can just say I tried to do what I thought was right at the time. I do not want something for nothing. If what I ask is too much, then any goodwill adjustment to the reporting bureaus would be most appreciated. The adjustment would definitely help me with my FICO score and this endeavor in home ownership.


Regardless of your decision, please know that I thank you for helping me at a time when it was needed, and I hope and plan to do business with Toyota Financial Service again one day.






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Re: GW Letter To Toyota Motor Credit ????

I think that you have a chance with the GW letter. It is very well written. I would send it out.
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Re: GW Letter To Toyota Motor Credit ????

Yes! Go for it!
(And goodluck!!!)
" I like to live as a poor man, with a lot of money." - Pablo Picasso (who was a jerk.)
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Re: GW Letter To Toyota Motor Credit ????

is a good letter... Print, Fold, lick stamp, send.
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Re: GW Letter To Toyota Motor Credit ????

I will keep you all posted on the outcome. Don't forget I owe I owe I owe so off to work I go.
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