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GW Letter for Closed Cap 1 Acct?

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GW Letter for Closed Cap 1 Acct?

These forums are awesome, I've been learning all that I can in order to help my folks clean up their credit reports before refinancing.

My mom has some lates from a closed Cap 1 account. Three 30's, three 60's and one 90 (the 90 is only on 2 of the reports). These are the only lates that she has ever had on a revolving account and they seem to be doing quite a bit of damage.

She *hated* Cap 1 and didn't pay in "protest" of the AF they charged. She tried to cancel the card because of the fee and they didn't cancel until she paid - so three "lates" are not for any charges, just for AF (30, 60, and 90). She finally paid and canceled the card - and told them she would never do business with them again. Smiley Tongue

Is there any chance that the would remove some of these lates? I was trying to write a GW letter but due to the circumstances of the account closure, I can't think of any good reasons to write about! Smiley Wink

Lates are from October 2001 thru February 2003.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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