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GW Letter vs Dispute Credit Reports?

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GW Letter vs Dispute Credit Reports?

I am going through my credit report & wondering if I should send individual GW letters or one letter to the credit bureaus to dispute my past due payments.  I am hoping that the loan companies/credit card companies will remove my past due payments.  Most of them were made after my sister died suddenly in fall of 2003.  Nothing is more than 30 days past due.
I have quite a few accounts with Capital One - if I send letters to companies, do I send one letter each for each Capital One account, or can one letter go regarding all my credit card accounts with Capital One?
I am hoping to refinance my house in the next couple of months so am trying to get "all my ducks in a row".  This board is very informative - just trying to take it all in.
Thanks!  Lynn
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Re: GW Letter vs Dispute Credit Reports?

Sounds like these are valid lates. You should try GW only.
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