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GW letter or not..

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GW letter or not..

Here goes.....On my Equifax report under collections is the following accounts:
Collection Agency: Mid South Credit Bureau  Collection Reported: 06/2007   Date Assigned:08/2004
Client: Baptist Hospital    Amount:300.00    Status as of June 2007Smiley Tongueaid  Date of first Delinquency:01/04  Balance as of 06/2007: $0   Last Payment Date: 05/31/2006
Out of all of these dates....which one do you go by as far as when it will fall off my report??? Trying to decide if I should send a GW letter or not.
I know this is a common question, but my computer is running so slow today and is taking me forever to search the site for answers............thank you in advance

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Re: GW letter or not..

Date of first Delinquency:01/04
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