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GW letter to Capital One...Any suggestions?

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GW letter to Capital One...Any suggestions?

Below is the letter that my brother is going to send to Capital One trying to get it fixed...This is the ONLY account on his report. Although it is closed, it still will be there as a negative item for the next 5 years. He has 0 open cards and hopefully, if he can get this one removed, he can have a little better chance of getting approved for a card....please let me know what ya'll think about this and how can he make adjustments to this...thanks!

Capital One Bank



RE: Account #:


Dear Madam or Sir:


I am writing to see whether Capital One would consider making a goodwill adjustment to the credit reporting bureaus on my closed account. I am asking whether Capital One would remove the adverse late payment and charge-off reporting from this account in reporting to the credit bureaus. I understand this is a rather unusual request—particularly as this account fell behind upwards of 120 days and was settled for less than the full amount.


Starting in 2003, I have been in the United States Army. I have spent the past 2 ½ years overseas in South Korea. The person that I had left responsible for paying my account on time did not live up to my expectations. Several payments were missed and account was eventually charged off. I had been completely unaware of this.


If what I ask is too much, then any goodwill adjustment to the reporting bureaus would be most appreciated.


Regardless of your decision, please know that I thank you for helping me at a time when it was needed, and I hope to do business with Capital One again one day.



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Re: GW letter to Capital One...Any suggestions?

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Re: GW letter to Capital One...Any suggestions?

no, it was a settlement.
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Re: GW letter to Capital One...Any suggestions?

Yep, GW letter sounds fine.
Cap 1 tends to be stingy with GW, but tell your brother to keep at 'em.
Maybe give 2 or 3 GW attempts a shot, then switch tactics and try a PFD.
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