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Getting good CCs with COs...

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Re: Getting good CCs with COs...

Bruiser wrote:
Amex and BK = no

I know with recent BK, yes they will say no. [Yes they will say no?]
But a BK from 98, so long as it ain't them one BKed, it should be possible.
I was thinking that if Rocket01 was already into them for an INQ today, might as well hipshoot for Green and Hilton.
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Re: Getting good CCs with COs...

you might be right about the bk
and it won't hurt if it counts as 1 inq
but they told me that a bk on your report is a no
it might be different,..but that is what i was told from them by a supervisor and in writing by a higher up
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Re: Getting good CCs with COs...

Since I had the one inq already, I tried for the green.  Same results.  The letter said that they pulled from Exp and the No 1 reason was BK.  My DW happened to call just then and she has perfect credit except for a bk about 7 years ago.  She said she was denied by AMEX due to the BK.
My BK is 9 years old and goes away next year.  The other two accounts that are factors are a Sears that last reported about 1.5 years ago (so soon that's not going to be a factor), and a collection that is over 2 years old but the Exp CR date is wrong.  At least on the collection I can make a dispute, and on the Sears I haven't tried a PFD yet so I've still got options.
The TU reports and EQ don't have the collection date error, and the Sears date last reported 12/05 making it soon to be 2 years.
I couldn't try for the HHilton because the AMEX website went down, oh well - probably would have had the same results. 
I'll just have to be patient and wait for another year as far as AMEX is concerned.  But.... at least the mortgage that I'm going for in the next 12 months shouldn't be affected by this. 
Thanks for the inputs.
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