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Good Mtg Co. to refi with & how soon do GW letters & payments show up on reports

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Good Mtg Co. to refi with & how soon do GW letters & payments show up on reports

I am planning on refinancing my mortgage which is currently 80/20.  The 1st mortgage is interest only.  My scores are (I pulled them all this month at different times-EX was pulled today) -
TU-653, EQ 657, EX 684.   After I pulled TU & EQ I sent (via planet feedback) letters to Capital One, Household Bank, Beneficial, 1st Premier and Trustcorp Mtg if they would remove payments made in 2003 & 2001 when I was 30 days late (2001 my husband was activated USAF after 9-11, and 2003 my sister had died suddenly).  I was wondering how long it would take to hear if they would be removed or not.  I did notice, however, that my Trustcorp mtg history on EX today did not show any past due payments at all - so I don't know if they were not listed on EX to begin with - or if they have already been removed.  I can pull the other two reports to see if they have come off - but I wanted to give it time to come off before I check them.  Shouldn't scorewatch send me something if those late payments come off?  I also moved my debt around so my util will be less than 30% on one acc't with the other accounts paid off.  I did that the first week of July - should that show up the end of July?
Also - anyone with recommendations on mtg companies would be greatly appreciated.  We may be adding on to our house with an addition (if it appraises high enough) so that would be something that the mortgage company would need to be able to accommodate. 
Thanks for all the information!  Lynn
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Re: Good Mtg Co. to refi with & how soon do GW letters & payments show up on reports

I am not a mortgage professional, but I would think that your scores are good enough for a decent re-fi rate.  It sounds like you have no current lates, and I think, but I am not sure, that the lates from 2001 and 2003 are barely affecting your score at this point, if at all.  As far as mortgage lates, the mortgage companies look at the last 2 year's history, so 2001 and 2003 shouldn't matter for the re-fi.  Good luck.
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