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Got a hit on report for Chase CC app...confused on something.

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Got a hit on report for Chase CC app...confused on something.

I am on various credit monitoring sites, including MyFico. One unnamed site had a "see if you qualify" for Chase. I figured why not, it was listed as not going to hurt your score ect..... and it only asked me for my last 4 digits of my social.... along with the normal stuff like name and why not.


Well come today, I got a notification from a few sites, including this one that there was an inquiry added to my report.... on TU... and it was from Chase Bank. This did not drop my score at all, but what I am confused about is if this was indeed a hard pull or do even soft ones to see if you pre qualify for also hit your report? I have done a few qualifies over the last year or so but none have come up on the report.


I would not like another hit on the report for I got approved for a few other cards now, and am thinking of PIF my Credit one card and seeing if I can either get the gwad awful yearly fee waived or at least dropped to something that is more bearable .... or just cutting the dang thing up....sure it goes away after a while, but this might deter other companies that might otherwise give me a chance at a much better line but are super picky on hard pulls on reports.

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Re: Got a hit on report for Chase CC app...confused on something.

A soft inquiry is, by definition, and inquiry that is viewable only in credit reports issued directly to the named consumer, and not to others.


Monitoring sites normally are consructed such that they do not provide restricted information that is limited only to the named consumer.

It is possible for a monitoring site to show soft inquiries, but not the norm.


Have you pulled your credit report from, which by definition is limited only to consumer pulls of their own reports, and reviewed the actual code applied to the inquiry?

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Re: Got a hit on report for Chase CC app...confused on something.

Agree with Robert! I would also say, if you've used your annual report I think the alert is grounds for a dispute so you can get a look.
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