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Re: HELP- Validation of DEBT ? NEED ANSWER ASAP!

Thank you Noah - I won't know unfortunately until tonight the lawyer will help (sent from home email); and it truly isn't that I do NOT want to do anything about this but I have to think about being present at workSmiley Sad  I'm already taking off Thursday half day to be at the Courthouse. 
I can and will bring all the documents related to the case, and while just as costly, I know I will be meeting with the lawyer to see if there is anything I can do for an appeal if the judge doesn't rule in my favor.  This is the one where they had the first judge who's been on the bench 10 years (great for me); and they requested reassignment of judge immediately upon receiving my notice to them that they violated my rights (me thinking I knew what I was talking about yet again) because I thought I'd sent the DV correctly.  Anyway, now we have someone who's been on the bench 3 months!
BTW - I sent you a PM for a ? and would greatly appreciate any possible answer.
Thanks - I am totally willing to fight, I just have to weigh in the job factor, etc. and will watch my back in the meantime
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