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HELP and ALERT!! Fraudulant Debit Charge on my Wamu Account!!!

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HELP and ALERT!! Fraudulant Debit Charge on my Wamu Account!!!

I checked my Wamu checking account online this morning to see which of my credit card payments made last week have cleared my account. I noticed a "pending" debit card transaction for $4.95 to a company named DM Nelson Enterprises. I have no idea who this is or what the charge is for.

I immediately contacted Wamu and told them I never authorized this transaction. Because it is pending, there is nothing that can be done until it actually clears my account. I am in a panic. Once this clears, will this fraudulant company have my checking account number as well as my debit card number? Do I need to close my checking account and obtain a new one or will just closing the debit card be sufficient?

I did an internet search on these scammers and a few items came up. They apparantly debit accounts for very small amounts of money $2.95 to $6.95 probably hoping that it will go unnoticed. I suppose if you do that to enough accounts you can yield a bundle.

Now $4.95 is a small amount and I make good money. But as far as I am concerned, this is theft and fraud. I am so pissed right now that I have already contacted the Sheriff's department in their county and willl be filing a report. I found out that the website (yes the idiots have one), is registered to a number with area code 801.

Should I also contact the Attorney General. Better Business Bureau and FTC for Utah (the owners number), California (the number asssociated with the transaction) and New York (where I live and my bank account is located) to go after these f****????

Sorry for rambling, but my blood is boiling at the moment. I can only imagine how many people have had these charges and don't check statements so they don't even know. They have screwed with the wrong New Yorker!

Thanks in advance for any input/guidance you can give me.

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Re: HELP and ALERT!! Fraudulant Debit Charge on my Wamu Account!!!

Wait for it to post and then fill out the dispute paperwork for your bank.  They will probably re-issue your card.  They more than likely do not have your checking account number.
If I submit 10,000 transactions at $4.95 and only half aren't disputed - I've made a bundle of money.  What you can do if the bank's investigation shows a problem is file a complaint with MC/V parent orgainzations - and try to have their merchant privledges terminated.... if they reverse the charge theree is 'no criminal action' but MC/V also looks at chargeback rates (and adjusts the merchant's rate accordingly)
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Re: HELP and ALERT!! Fraudulant Debit Charge on my Wamu Account!!!

Hello.  I just signed up for this forum because the same fraudulent charge ended up on my VISA credit card.  It was for $6.95 and I called the phone number, but no one answered.  I left a message with my phone number, but after reading your post, I don't expect to get a return call.
I am extremely angry as well.  I work too hard for my money to let something like this go.  I will file a complaint with VISA regarding this company and I encourage you to do the same.  Hopefully others will see this forum and there will be strength in numbers.  I have worried about this happening since the dawn of Internet shopping, although it could be from people working anywhere who take cc numbers down.
I also recently got a letter from Certegy, a service provider to U.S. retailer merchants (according to them), and they were apparently victimized by an employee who wrongfully removed and sold consumer personal account information.  I was one of those consumers, but I've never heard of certegy.  This came in mid-July last summer.  I don't know if it's related to this incident.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to get these people prosecuted. 
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Re: HELP and ALERT!! Fraudulant Debit Charge on my Wamu Account!!!

# 1   never pay online or any store purchase with a debit card!!!  always us a CC unless you know the merchant  like a grocery or drug store.
# 2   notify your bank right away......the bank will send you papers to sign & return to them.......the bank will notify FDIC.....they will go after them for you. It isn't always as fast as you want BUT they nail them!
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Re: HELP and ALERT!! Fraudulant Debit Charge on my Wamu Account!!!

I would call the person who is making the charge.  For months I kept getting a weird charge on my debit card.  Didn't recognize the merchant and called the bank in a panic.  Found out it was Taco!!!  It was just that their merchant machine didn't report Taco Bell.
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