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nathan wrote:
Thanks a lot folks. I just got approved for an unsecured card from HSBC. I know this is my only hope to make the best of this opportunity. I have disputed a lot of cc from my report and I am still waiting for a fitback. The jugement appears only on equifax and transunion and it will be seven years  old next year. Most of my other debts are already six years old and will hopefully fall off soon. I will start making payments on my student loan this june and I hope this helps my score too. My only active account now is my car payment and i am trying stay good on that too. Thanks for all your advice. I will update this forum when I notice any change on my score. Maybe this will help other folks out there who have the same problems.

I that card is from household bank, be sure to keep it below 50% utilization and pay more then min.  Ots a great short term card but the longer you keep it, they do have a habit of upping the interest rate at the drop of a hat.  Had it myself.
Don't pay for a CLI they will offer one for pymnt but if you decline generally they will increase it regularly with good pymnt history

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