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Had My Identity Stolen. Looking at Credit Monitoring

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Had My Identity Stolen. Looking at Credit Monitoring

About 6 weeks ago, I broke up with my then boyfriend of a year or so.  I probably should have left him months before, but I won't even get into all of that drama.  Anyway, within a few days of us splitting up, I noticed there were 4 strange purcases on my credit card.  I called the card company explaining the charges and they removed them without any issues.  I got a call from them a week or so later to confirm some online purchases that looked suspicious.  


They were not purchases I had made, so they took them off, cancelled that card and sent me a new one.  At this point I hadn't even considered the possibility that it was my ex who had been using my card to buy shoes, clothes, camping gear, a whole bunch of stuff.   Anyway I got the new card and figured there was nothing else to worry about. Just the other day I decided to pull a copy of my credit report and I couldn't believe it when I saw that there were inquiries from 2 car dealerships, all sorts of retail stores, presumably him trying to get store credit cards.  Plus at least one inquiry from a mortgage company.  It doesn't look like he was able to open any new accounts, thankfully, but it scared the heck out of me.  


I know he knows my social security number, but he doesn't have any forms of my ID, that I can think of anyway.  So to make a long story longer, I put a freeze on my credit, but I definitely want to set up a credit monitoring plan just to have as backup.  I'm looking for any suggestions or thoughts that may help me make a good choice. 


I'm seriously considering going with identity guard.  I've been doing my homework and it has a lot of good features, plus it's not the most expensive one out there, which is nice.


This site gives it really good reviews, a bunch of other sites seem to give it good ratings as well. 


I guess my second option would be to go with a free service like or  I don't know if either of those will cover as much as id guard, but the price is right so they're hard to not consider.  


I've tried to track down my ex-boyfriend so I could get the police involved, but I haven't been able to find anything about where he's living now or if he's even in the same area.  I guess I still don't have 100% proof it was him anyway.  He better hope I never see him again, becasue that's not going to be a pretty scene.   Sorry for all the details.  Any help from the experts would be great. 


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