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Happy Dance

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Re: Happy Dance


@Anonymous-own-fico wrote:

Peach8321, hope you had a wonderful day.

I remember when I turned your age. It was in the midst of a long, cold winter in the midwest as they often are there. It was so cold that year one morning, 31 below, that I couldn't start the car.

I had a gas card back then. It was at the time you're born, so having a card likely wasn't your highest priority. Mine neither actually, somehow it was just easier paying by the pump.

People didn't know about credit scores back then. I'm surprised at what young people have to endure now and impressed at how well they handle it. Your scores are really good!

I have two questions if you don't mind.

1) What's your take on today's young married couples along the lines of shared and/or separate finances?

2) Can you envision a situation for the young generation that may require say an 810 rather than a 790?

And now for my own happy dance. Once I hit down that post button, it'll be my #500.



Thanks - it helped that my mother emphasized from an early age to be independent and smart about money (she felt she and her mother were not).  I also like counting things so money is a natural fit! 


As for your questions:

1) My husband and I share bank accounts as well as have separate ones but both of us only have cards in our name.  We don't do AU and we don't do joint.  I don't think its smart to share credit and my generation usually has an AU available to jump start the history or they can claw up but marriage, or even partnership, isn't a smart place to share accounts are ok though =)


2) I don't know that any generation would see much difference between a 790 and an 810 but for my "younger" generation, buying a house and having high scores really makes a difference since it quickly shows that we stand above our peers so in that respect, it would be great to have a higher score.  That said, any person under 30 that has above an 800 I would think has at least one AU card, since history is such an important part and so the score would have to be analyzed for what else went into my case, I have 3 strong cards (2 USAA and 1 penfed), a student loan that is going well (I had $31k coming out, it's down to $10,700 only 5 years later), and a mortgage that is a resonable amount (<$100,000) so I think my score is strong on it's own, although I do keep myself as an AU on my mothers cards for the history.  If the 810 (or whatever super high score) came from just AU history, I don't think that would be a "real" score for the person and in that case, it might hurt them since they haven't tried getting and establishing their own credit.


For everyone else, thanks for the birthday wishes!  My goal is to top 800 by next year! ;-)

Current Scores: EQ: 740 (2/7/13)

Starting Score: 799
Current Score: 762
Goal Score: 800

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Re: Happy Dance


@Peach8321 wrote:


My goal is to top 800 by next year! ;-)

lol, I'm sure you'll be just fine. Thanks for your perspective on the issues.



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