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Hard inquiry after credit freeze

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Hard inquiry after credit freeze

I successfully added initial fraud alerts to all 3 CRAs in June 2019 after 2 fraudulent apps. Due to recent identity theft & fraud, I froze my credit online with EQ and EX on 4/27/2020 (rec'd confirmations from both). I couldn't successfully dispute a fraudulent phone # or freeze my credit online with TU that same day; their system said to call & I haven't gotten through to anyone yet. I also read that once you freeze with one CRA you are automatically frozen with the other 2, so I thought all 3 were frozen on 4/27/20. Today I log into CK to see how the fraudulent & disputed info is affecting my TU & EQ scores & there is a new hard inquiry from T-Mobile dated 5/14/20. I thought CK usually alerted me about new negative action like a hard inquiry but I have not received an alert from CK. That's not the focus though; how the heck was T-Mobile able to do a hard inquiry when my CRs were frozen 2+ weeks ago? I don't have an account with T-Mobile so they don't have a current creditor/ongoing account maintenance justification to pull it. I also called them and had them look up an account with just about every way imaginable today: full SSN, last 4 of SSN + last name, email, other telephone numbers, etc. and they could not find anything. They transfered me to applications & they have no record of my SSN. I do have suggestive evidence that mail fraud is also occurring (currently investigating that) so is it possible TU sent the freeze confirmation letter, with PIN to unfreeze, to a fraudulent address instead of to me, and the fraudster unfroze just my TU CR to try to get a phone with T-Mobile? I'm so puzzled...




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Re: Hard inquiry after credit freeze

You have to freeze each bureau separately. You never froze TU so the fraudster was able to app. The bureaus don't actually need your SSN to find you as long as they have enough other info. 

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Re: Hard inquiry after credit freeze

Sorry this happened OP, The fraudster's are very sophisticated in their methodology.

Make sure to set up as many alerts as possible and monitor all three of you credit bureaus.


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