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Hello. I have a question about wamu/providian. I recently...

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Re: If you got the app, I would apply. Just be sure once app...

Erik wrote:
I got a preapproval offer from them last June with 0% BT for 12 months, couldn't resist. I transferred $1300 from another card and they gave me a limit of $1500. My TU score was around 620 at the time they issued the card.

Then at the end of March of this year I get a love letter from WAMU starting that they have sold my account to SST, effective the end of the month. At this time my score was 634 according to WAMU's web site. So I do a little research into SST and what I read was not positive. The first day that I had access to thier web site I PIF.

One thing that I do miss about WAMU was the TU FICO score that was updated every month.
Hopefully this helps.

Erik, I had my account sold to SST as well.  When I called them recently they said the sale was completely random- some people had two wamu/providian accounts and one was sold and not the other.  Anyway I kept my SST cl open, but rarely use it, and I reapplied to wamu and was approved for another CL of $2000!  I would reapply if I were you.

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Re: Great CLIs

I am currently in need of the letter sent to former Providian or Washington Mutual cardholders indicating their card was being transferred to Columbus Bank and Trust serviced by SST (Systems & Services Technologies, Inc.) dated 03/2007 for a transfer on 03/27/2007. I received one recently as part of DV documentation. It does not appear to be authentic as it uses a logo that was not authorized by the Trademark office until mid 2008, additionally it has grainy texture and lopsided text.

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