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Help! Updated payment history lowered score!

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Help! Updated payment history lowered score!

Sent goodwill letter to credit card company to remove late payments. Got a notification from credit karma that my score went down 88 points!!!. Seems like the credit card company updated/re-reported late payments. For example a payment in 2015 that was at first 30 days late was changed to 150 days late. Why would they change it? Anyone have experience with this?
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Re: Help! Updated payment history lowered score!

Is the updated reporting accurate?

When a consumer communicates with a creditor regarding payment history reporting, the creditor will often update to show each and every prior delinquency at its highest actual level in anticipation of possible consumer disputes contesting their accuracy.


While a creditor is not required to report each and every delinquency, they will often receive consumer disputes asserting inaccuracy based on lack of showing of all progressive delinquencies, and/or reporting a level of delinquency that is lower than actual.

To address possible consumer disputes, many creditors will update their reporting to show each and every derog at its highest level once they are requested to review their payment history reporting.......

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Re: Help! Updated payment history lowered score!

So sorry OP about the 88pt score drop and sharing your experience. It teaches us all what can possibly happen if one wakes a sleeping giant.


And thanks RobertEG for explaining what can happen when a borrower has a question or request. It shows that anything requiring a review of our CR can go either way -- resulting in a positive or negative outcome.


I have learned and continue to learn so much from this forum.

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Re: Help! Updated payment history lowered score!

Don't trust the Credit Karma score. They provide Vantage 3 scores which very few lenders use and can be extremely different from your true Fico scores. What are your Fico scores?
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