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Help with a C&D letter for a 13 yr old account

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Help with a C&D letter for a 13 yr old account

I have received 2 letters from a collection agency on an account I paid in full in 1994. I know this is way past SOL but these &*$#@%#& have 2 hard pulls on my EX credit report last year. I'm not FCRA or FDCA expert so if you can site specific excerpts that would be very much appreciated!

Here's what I have so far:

American Accounts Management, Inc.
101 EastCarmel Drive, Suite 205
Carmel, IN 46032
25 June 2007

RE: Account 00xxxx-x

Dear Sir or Madam:

I request that you CEASE and DESIST in your efforts to collect on the above referenced account (SEE letter attached). This account is over 13 years old and was paid in full to the original creditor by me in 1994. The Statute of Limitations has long ago expired and it is fraud to continue to attempt to collect this debt. To date you have not furnished validation from the original creditor of this debt to me. As such under the FCRA I demand all collection actions by you be stopped immediately. As you have no permissible purpose to view my credit history I also demand you remove the multiple requests you have made to the credit bureaus for my credit history.

You are hereby instructed to cease collection efforts immediately and remove all requests for my credit history or face legal sanctions under applicable Federal and State law. Additionally, I require a letter from American Accounts Management, Inc. stating that the disputed account has been extinguished and will not be sold, assigned, or caused to be collected upon in any way in the future. If the above request is not met within 15 CALENDAR days I will follow up this letter with an Intent To Sue letter and then initiate litigation.



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