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Highest credit score?

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Highest credit score?

So I had a general question... what is the highest transunion FICO 08 score possible? From everything I've read the highest score is 850.. however because of my place of employment I have personally seen someone (actually a few) people with 08 scores of 850+ with the highest being 877.. is the 08 scoring model different?

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Re: Highest credit score?

FICO releases a family of different models, with each family separated from the previous one by a number of years.  There is the FICO 8 family of models which was released in 2008/2009.  There was the FICO 04 family, released in 2004.  There was the FICO 98 family, released in 1998.  There was FICO 9, released just a couple years ago.


Each family consists of a Classic model, which you can think of as generic, as well as a model aimed at auto lenders (the Auto Enhanced model) and one aimed at CC issuers (the Bankcard Enhanced model).  The AE and BE flavors have a different scoring range from the Classic versions.


For FICO 8 and 9, the Classic model can go up to 850.  But their BE and AE flavors can go up to 900.  When you have seen someone with a FICO 8 of 865 (say) that was either a BE or an AE score.

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