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How MyFico Helped with HFC!!!

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How MyFico Helped with HFC!!!

So, I've been helping a friend out with HFC.  She's behind 90 days and was *stuck*.  We got on the phone this morning and I spoke to a representative for her.  She filled out a new application to lower her payments for six months.


I asked about the *lates* and could we do a goodwill?  She said ABSOLUTELY.  After the new app for the lower hardship is approved, and two payments are made, they would be willing to do goodwill on that 90 for her.  She gave us her personal # to call her on April 13 to make sure all paperwork is in place.


Payments reduced from $167 to $91 for six months.  At the end of that term, you have to resubmit.  At that time, we can discuss interest reduction, etc. 


MyFico Folk Strikes Again....SO THANKS!



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