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How To Delete a NYS Tax Lien

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How To Delete a NYS Tax Lien

Hey All,


I have a NYS tax lein/judgement that was filed against me by the state of New York in Decemeber of 2008 and was satisfied in August of 2009. 


Does anybody have any idea on how to go about getting it removed from my reports I tried back in 2009 to get it removed by showin that it was satisfied bu that didnt do much for me.


I know the IRS has forms 12277 nad 4235 which are used in some way or another for removing a lien from the pubic records, does the state of New York have a similar form to get a lien removed?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: How To Delete a NYS Tax Lien

Hello all,

I am having the same issue as 770 man. I have 3 NYS Tax lien on my report which have been paid off. I have been doing research and found that NYS might be doing  the same as the Feds to allow the withdrawal of liens  I contacted Senator Adams who apparently introduced this bill. But have yet to hear back. I am guessing if enough of us NYer's request this it might be passed?. Has anyone heard an update?


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Re: How To Delete a NYS Tax Lien

Looks like that bill was introduced a year ago. Any idea if it is getting put into law
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Re: How To Delete a NYS Tax Lien

Newhorizon - That's a great update.  Thank you!   I'll be keeping an eye on this as well.  I have one on my CR from Georgia but am happy to see that some states are following the lead of the IRS on this.

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Re: How To Delete a NYS Tax Lien

Does anybody know if its possible to vacate the judgment now that it is satisfied?
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Re: How To Delete a NYS Tax Lien

@ Moving_on_up My pleasure.

@770man I have been searching all over the internet for an update on this bill but have had no luck. After looking at other bills handled by the INVESTIGATIONS AND GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS COMMITTEE it seems as bills take way over a year to be reviewed. I would reach out to senator Adams.Maybe if enough people request an update he will provide an update.


After spending a few weeks reading the threads here, it seems that a lien can only be vacated if there was an error in the way you were served or the lien was posted in error. I could be wrong but maybe someone more knowledgeable can provide input Smiley Happy.


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