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How do we unfreeze Equifax?


How do we unfreeze Equifax?

My DH's reports are frozen and we want to just unfreeze EQ.  Their site said to send in a letter with the confirmation number, two copies of ID.  I mailed it in TWICE and they kept on sending back a generic letter telling us how to unfreeze the account.  Has anyone have experience with this?  Freezing was easy but unfreezing is pretty hard so far.  On top of that, they cashed the $10 check I send last time.
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Re: How do we unfreeze Equifax?

Send a copy of the check you sent and they cashed, along with a copy of their letter, copy of your information and include a cover page that says in big, bold letters......I AM REQUESTING THE FREEZE TO BE PERMANENTLY LIFTED


Then below that I would explain that you have sent the information to lift the freeze twice and keep getting that generic letter back about how to lift it.


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Re: How do we unfreeze Equifax?

Exact same thing happened to me. Even the followup letter as Sidewinder described didn't work.

I ended up calling them directly, provided the freeze pin number, explained what was happening, and the person lifted the permanent freeze immediately. Two months went by until I finally tried calling. 1-888-298-0045.

Should have called first.

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Re: How do we unfreeze Equifax?

Equifax can supply you with two PIN's the first PIN is the one that identifies you to Equifax. They can give a second PIN which will be four digits in length. This PIN is for lenders to use when they pull your credit report. Call Equifax and ask for that second PIN. This way you can keep your credit report frozen if you desire



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